About Cavareza

Playing gigs from Atlanta and Athens to Knoxville, Cavareza is a talented 4-piece band with an expanding catalogue of original music. They are capable of performing original or carefully-selected cover sets and can perform a variety of genres from classic rock to modern alternative. Formed in 2016, Cavareza has been hard at work perfecting an exceptional live performance that is pulse-pounding and engaging. The band members seek to transmit themselves into the music they create and resonate with the audience during performances. You will want to sing along or jump right into the fun.  Never boring or contrived, their show will keep you moving!

The members of Cavareza have come from varied musical backgrounds, perfecting their instruments and styles. Brothers Reed (Drums) and Casey Ratonyi (Guitar) began playing music and learning their instruments together in early childhood. Later bassist Zack Hammen joined the burgeoning group. The final piece of the puzzle joined in 2016 in the form of Vallie Noles, a phenom singer from Knoxville, Tennessee, and Cavareza was born.

While Cavareza concentrates on rock and alternative, it’s rare to have such musical depth from such a young band.  With so many influences, their performance is truly unique and, augmented with the skill and passion of the band members, is sure to keep audiences thrilled for the whole show.

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